General Information

Kenya lies across the equator on the East Coast of Africa. It borders Somalia, Ethiopia and Sudan to the North, Uganda to the west, Tanzania to the South and the Indian Ocean to the East.??see map


Covers an area of 225, 000 sq. miles (582, 646 sq. km) Approximately the size of Texas State, U.S.A.

Government Structure
  • The Executive
  • The Legislature
  • The Judiciary
Administrative Divisions

Eight Provinces including the Nairobi area. Provinces are: Central, Coast, Eastern, North, Rift Valley, Western and North Eastern. These provinces are divided into administrative areas known as districts.


Pleasant and favorable with plenty of sunshine all year round. Rainfall is sometimes heavy around April to May while some areas are more cloudy though without much rain around July/August.


32,021,856 (2004 EST.).


40 % Protestant, 30 % Roman Catholic, 6 % Muslim, 23% other religions.


There are two main languages:

(a) English-Official language
(b) Kiswahili-National language

Over 42 indigenous languages are spoken.